Episode 13

Broken Chair Scores Episode 13 aka we messed up. We are very sorry but unfortunately the microfone picked up some sonic interferences from one of the mobile phones which makes the audio quality of this episode even worse than the previous ones. So you might not even be able to listen via headphones because the stupid ziggiziggiziggi-sounds keep stabbing your eardrums. I swear they weren't audible when we recorded this. On the other hand, this episode has no 8 bit legacy scores in it so at least you get some kind of beeps and noises this way. (Making fun of my favorite stuff here. Don't know what's wrong with me.)
Anyway, we got one film soundtrack and one game soundtrack for you. This time it's the soundtrack to the Bethesda game "Wolfenstein - The New Order " written by Michael John Gordon as well as the soundtrack to the original video animation anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team" composed by Kohei Tanaka.

On a side note: Due to some stuff we enter a lengthy summer break situation. So don't await ep 14 too eagerly! (But actually you should. It's gonna be great.)

currently awaiting resubmission, please bare with us

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