Episode 12

In Broken Chair Scores episode 12 we dive into contemporary classical music with Michael Nymans Score to the film "A Zed and Two Noughts" by Peter Greenaway which reminds me of my favourite guy from this genre (Philip Glass) and thus already makes this a very special episode for me.
Then we do something even more cool in that we compare two versions of the same soundtrack. We dissect "Akumajou Densetsu" for the Famicom and "Castlevania 3" for the NES respectively (composed by Hidenori Maezawa, Jun Funahashi, Yukie Morimoto and Yoshinori Sasaki) with the Famicom version using the outstanding VRC6 chip (embedded into the cartridge as an addon to the systems' internal sound hardware!) instead of the NES' rather standard MMC5 chip. We listen to the (not so) subtle differences in the arrangements and have a lot of fun while doing so. And I hope you will have fun listening to it as well!

currently awaiting resubmission, please bare with us

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